About Us

Lot-a-Lots is an Innovative company in the wholesale industry. Its growing large base of suppliers and distribution channels make it a great place to build your business.

Our Purpose

We have been online sellers since 2009, We went through the tough experience of finding the best suppliers, opening accounts with manufacturers and distributors and searching for quality merchandise, experiencing the hardships of faulty goods or prolonged shipping periods has led us on a new path to create better and more lucrative options for sellers experiencing and going through the same hardships as we have.

We decided to found Lot-a-Lots.com in order to provide sellers the best and most profitable deals.

Our mission

Create a more simplified way for sellers from all walks of life to easily source their merchandise and succeed in today’s marketplace.

Our site is great for new and existing sellers looking for great high profit Margin merchandise of all sorts and friendly for any type of business, being a Retail shop, Amazon sellers, or any other Ecommerce platform.